With Dytek as your email provider you have the ability to check your email anywhere. We provided multiple way to access your email. You can access email using an email application, access webmail using any web browser, or even access email on the go by using your mobile device. Access you email anytime, anywhere. It's as simple as that.



Use any desktop client including Mac Mail©, Microsoft Outlook 2000©, Microsoft Outlook 2007© and many more to view your emails. We have simple set up instructions and video tutorials on our knowledge base system that show you step by step instructions on how to set up you email for different programs.



Need to check your email and don't have your computer close by? With webmail you can easily sent or receive email from any computer in the world. All you have to do is type in your webmail url with mail. Then type in your email address and password and BOOM! your checking your email. It's that easy.



With all the technology available out there today why would you want to do without email on your phone. Our email works on today's latest phones including BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and Android®. You can sync your mobile device with your computer so that you are getting live emails and appointments while your out of the office. Never miss an important email while you are out.

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