SPAM Filtering

As an Email Hosting Client of Dytek your Inbox is in safe hands.  Each of our Email Hosting Packages is filtered by either Barracuda or CLAM spam filtering services along with several other of our own safeguards to protect our customers from being overwhelmed by the thousands of junk email attempts to most addresses on a daily basis.

Virus Filtering

Today the primary delivery method for viruses is email.  We protect you using Barracuda pre-scanning or our CLAM AV scanning suite before messages are delivered to your Inbox.

Phishing and Malware

There is more to worry about than just traditional virus activity.  Today hijackers are getting more savvy by tricking users into releasing sensitive data and much of this comes across email.  Our Barracuda and proprietary systems work 24/7 to identify and quickly block the hundreds of new attempts at security that take place on a regular basis.