Dynamic Technologies has partnered with Mozy so you don't have to worry about losing the important information off your computer. When you think about it, all the important information in your life is now stored on a computer. Whether it’s photos and music or business documents and financial records, everything is digital. With Mozy, you can be sure your digital life will always be there when you need it. You can use Mozy on a home computer or an entire office. If you have any questions, please call 888-323-4289 Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific time (closed major holidays).

About Mozy

Mozy is a secure online backup service. It's a simple, smart, and economical way to protect your data from hazards like file corruption, accidental deletion and hardware failure. Mozy regularly backs up your files to its secure servers automatically so that you never have to worry about losing important data.

•Mozy is simple to set up.
•It performs backups automatically in the background while you continue working.
•It handles versioning, storing yesterday's renditions as well as today's renditions of your files with each backup, allowing you to pull data from different backup dates.
•It encrypts all your files before transferring them to storage.
•It's fast because it backs up only the data that has changed.
•It backs up both open and locked files.
•It's inexpensive and reliable.hecks.

Simply install the software on your computer, select the files you want to back up and then never worry about data loss again. Once you set it up, MozyHome automatically backs up your data for you at regular intervals. You don't even have to think about it.

Mozy Online Backup - $5.99/Month

MozyPro saves your business time and money by helping you perform the critical task of backup with fewer resources. With MozyPro, there is no extra hardware to buy, no setup fees, and with our automatic backups, no additional management required to oversee it all. Take the hassle and high cost out of backup with Mozy's pay-as-you-go backup services.

You will need one desktop license for each computer you are backing up and one server license for each server you are backing up.
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