Since 2001 we started by hosting and building a few websites.
Dytek was started with a simple focus in mind of providing our clients with the technology they needed by helping them setup and maintain websites and online services that make a value based impact for their business, adding productivity and market share. Since that time Dynamic Technologies has grown big in terms of services and customers, but our concept of Quality Services for our Customers are still the same.

Over the years we have been proud to service all customer types, from small start-ups to World-wide known personalities and brands. We have developed expertise in a variety of areas and technologies to keep our customers in the lead against world-wide competition. Contact us for your next project or site related needs. — Joshua Strickland – President

Reliability, Quality and Knowledge
Bringing together the key components of our business model all of our services focus on these 3 simple ideas. We are happy to not be considered a budget provider. We will leave the budget title and “you get what you pay for” mentality up to the other guys. Our focus is on our customer by Name not by Number. Our client base ranges from Local Start-Ups, National Personalities, Pro Athletes, Fortune 500 & S&P 500 Companies.

Our footprint is global, offering services to Large and Small clients worldwide. Our primary language is English however we can facilitate customers in Spanish and French upon request. Our physical offices are located in Hickory, North Carolina USA which is convenient to Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and the Research Triangle of North Carolina.